Trans Innovations

IT Advisory and Strategic Services

We provide a broad range of technology services to a diverse group of corporations across the world. Services include strategic advisory assignments with respect to technology solutions to optimize a business focused approach for in country or multiple international operations.

Data and Information Management

We understand the value and usability of the complex data driven business of our clients and help turn this favorably for businesses for informed decision making tools.

Enterprise Solutions

We work with companies core teams to build forward looking solutions across technologies, platforms and mediums ranging from big data applications, cloud computing, enterprise wide application deployments to customer centric engagement automation services.

Business Process Optimization

With the focus on shared learnings and expertise we help create innovative solutions to optimize legacy applications or build new integrated tools to help migrate andcreate growth for our clients business with a focus on the future. Our systems integration expertise is driven by a large pool of skills working with leading companies world wide.

Mobile integrated Solutions

The core of our services and solutions being forward looking bring our expertise and skills to grow business with a mobile focus. With user engagement and experience we help companies and solution providers to collaborate to create opportunities at every level.

GIS Solutions

Our GIS-based services assist clients with the visualization of geographic data, analysis of spatial relationship & efficient data management. In the process, we include capturing, storing, integrating, manipulating analyzing, displaying data related to position on earth’s surface.

Our Services help users and customers for:

  • Cost effectiveness and improved productivity
  • Assist in setting up smooth communication systems and governance
  • Enhanced Record keeping for better decision-making process
  • Location intelligence - helps in formulating plans and investments

GIS Services:

  • Utility Mapping Services
  • Web and Mobile GIS
  • Government and E-governance
  • Education and Healthcare
  • Smart Cities
  • GIS for Emergency and Disaster Management
  • Real Estate

Technology Investments

We invest and grow with technology partnerships. These investments and partnerships are typically mentorship and capacity driven for individuals and startups. These are diverse set of products and solutions partnerships and we have a strong focus on mobile centric approach that we explore and learn from. Our associations with various level investment companies also help us build innovative companies and solutions creating the collaborative bridge for startups and investment companies to deliver a value creation ecosystem for entrepreneurs to innovate and deliver disruptive solutions and tools.

Supply Chain Management for Humanitarian and Emergency Operation Centers (EOC)

We identify with the need for optimised processes for humanitarian and disaster management and the focus to mitigate its adverse impact at large. These solutions help Governments, Private Sector and Non Profits build robust supply chains with elastic capacity. We also provide solutions for the operations of Emergency Operation Centers (EOC) that help to improve the efficiency in communications for planning and implementation for Disaster and Humanitarian Information Management Systems. A strong emphasis is to build collaborative solutions with a focus on Social, Mobile technologies and Analytics delivered on the cloud.