Trans Innovations

Domain Expertise

  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • E-Commerce (Shopping Websites)
  • Travel (Packages , Tour, Hotel Management System)
  • LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Real Estate
  • ERP Applications
  • Health Care
  • Retail
  • Mobile Applications
  • Logistics

Custom Development

Understanding your situation and laying out a customised solution for the well being of your business, in a process, our team that comprises of architects, program managers and programmers will understand your business processes and create software solutions that comply with your business processes and logic.

We may use open source software or customize our in-house developed software. If the need is quite unique and fresh, we go on creating software from a scratch to fulfil your business needs.

We use most robust, yet popular and tested technologies for delivering stable and productive software solutions. Our customized software solutions can be adapted to multiple operating systems and environments, including support for – multi-location, multi–user, multi-access levels and distributed processing systems.

Customized software solutions comprise of an array of software development activities:

  • Development of custom Internet applications/solutions
  • Development of databases, software to support your business processes
  • Porting, re-engineering of legacy software applications
  • Maintenance, support of customer software
  • Integration of third party components/applications, reverse engineering
  • Customization, integration of open-source solutions

Process Flow Diagram

We offer custom development on the following platforms:

Microsoft Platforms

  • MS Sql

Open Source Platforms

  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql & PHP)
  • Word Press
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Jom Social (Social Networking)
  • Other Open Source Platforms

Other Technologies

  • Flash, Photo shop
  • JSON/ Jquery/ Ajax
  • XML Integration
  • Mobile Applications for Iphone, Android, Windows7

Every piece of software delivered undergoes rigid corporate-wide quality assurance processes that involve the use of state-of-the-art testing through test automation tools.

CMS Driven Website

In this highly competitive digital business world, having a website is not enough. It is essential that your information on the most visible public domain is current and helping you to showcase your best side. At large, informative and up-to-date content is an important factor that decides the success of any website. At Transtech Innovation, we offer appropriate content solutions to our clients based on their business needs to make their web presence most rewarding.

CMS driven website is recommended for building content intensive websites such as:

  • Portals
  • Online Magazines
  • Corporate websites
  • Catalogue sites
  • E commerce sites
  • Personal websites/ blogs
  • Any web site that needs to update contents on regular basis

We offers services on following CMS:

CMS Service Offered

  • Word Press: Installation, Hosting, Theme creation, Customization of front end and admin.
  • Joomla: Installation, Hosting, Theme creation, Customization of front end and admin.
  • Drupal: Installation, Hosting, Customization of front end and admin In House (Dot net & Php).
  • Dot Net: Fully customized CMS as per client requirements.
  • PHP: Fully customized CMS as per client requirements.

CMS Features

  • Create any number of pages, category and services without being dependent on cost or any resource.
  • Systematic creation and management of content.
  • Access to different departments and levels.
  • Defining the listing order of any content.
  • Reviewing system before publishing on website.
  • Consistency in look and feel of various sections in a site.
  • 24 x 7 access to CMS with any web browser.
  • Multiple authors to manage content of a site like for HR, Marketing, Technical departments.

Open Source

Open source is a development method for software that promises better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, and control of your software.

Companies across the globe are opting open source platforms to efficiently reduce costs, increase business growth, optimize performance. Open source gives freedom to expand your needs without much extra efforts or problems faced with the traditional software products.

Few of the advantages that open source offers are as following:

Control over your software

Open source gives you full control to your software’s code. It gives you right to modify the code to suit your business needs without too much affect on your budget. With open source software, you control the updates and can shift to any vendor as and when required if needed for better support, services or reliability.

Lower cost of ownership

No license fees! With open source software you can bring down your annual license fee to zero and if you pick the right extensions and tools you can also bring down the scalability cost to almost zero. The only spends required in open source are for hosting, customization and support services.

Better Security & Quality

As Open source software is publicly available many developers contribute their time from almost all parts of the world to make it more secure, fast, feature rich and constantly increasing the quality.


It might be possible that a proprietary software company shuts its operations or decides to discontinue services for a product that results in no support in future for that specific software. In Open source software it can never be a situation as software is not owned by a single company but a community of developers across the globe. As source code is always with you so any developer can take up the software and continue from where it was stopped.

Transtech Innovation’s open source software customization team has got extensive domain knowledge, experience in designing, customization, theme developments, process and application training.

Following are the open source applications where Transtech Innovation commands expertise:

  • Word press
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento

Website Design

Our team comprises of professionally educated designers, experienced and skilled programmers and program managers with diverse business backgrounds. Our program managers are always at your disposal to understand your business requirements and support you on an ongoing basis with the project execution.

Our scores of satisfied customers across the globe are a sound testimony to our capabilities. We produce user-friendly websites, utilizing the latest technologies. It is our constant endeavour to ensure that our client websites are well organized, visually appealing and easy to navigate. Fast loading capabilities with consistent look and feel are another set of virtues that we definitely imbibe in our client websites.

We are focused on producing no-nonsense marketing-driven websites at affordable prices for our clients. For the purpose we use our client’s existing material; such as, company or product brochures, logos and images or any other marketing material. It is Transtech Innovation’s philosophy to create a client website that has all the key elements to make it a resounding success, that is:

  • Effective presentation of your service or product.
  • Unique, well designed, and consistent layout.
  • Simple and easy to follow navigation.
  • Friendly, easy to use response/order forms.


Our online marketing services will drive more traffic to your site – highly qualified and targeted traffic that generates business leads and increases your sales month after month. We will guarantee top ten rankings on important search engines for searches pertaining to your product. Several of the businesses across the globe have gained from our expertise with significant improvements in their online lead generation and sales.

For Offshore

Online promotions have proved to be a boon for several businesses who have understood its importance. Despite its obvious advantages in terms of cost, reach and time; online promotions haven’t caught the fancy of business community at large and are perhaps the least used marketing tools on a Web site. The reason for their lack of popularity is the limited professional expertise available to make the most of this opportunity and lack of awareness on the part of businesses. We, at Transtech Innovation, understand online promotions; thus deploy it to your advantage ensuring significant gains for your business at a minimal cost.

Here are some of the aspects of our approach:

  • Our process involves implementation of organic SEO techniques to make search engine treat your website and its content as “important”.
  • We use Search Engine Optimization in its many facets for optimizing your site to get you the exposure you want and need. At Transtech Innovation, we continuously keep ourselves abreast with the changing ways search engines find and rank websites.
  • Our approach is consistent and long-term and we do not resort to short cuts, which might prove detrimental with time. For instance: Some SEO service providers may offer you guaranteed top ranks in search engines through using keyword spam of illegitimate link building, which might give your website a temporary boost, but is sure to raise red flags at the search engines. The search engines don’t take kindly to such approaches and in turn mark such websites down.
  • At Transtech Innovation, we research search engines and device organic ways to promote websites on the web. These methods yield stable long term results for on-going profits for the client’s website.
  • We have developed a process for increasing the chances that your site will receive good placements on the major search engines. You can start by having your site built smart by Transtech Innovation. The major search engines use various methods for cataloguing Web pages – the HTML on your Web pages will be designed with this in mind. We will include only keywords, title tags and alt tags that are relevant to your site to get the best results.
  • We start by researching where you come up on the important search engines and how you stack up against your competition.
  • We also help our clients maintain a good ranking on an ongoing basis by keeping their website fresh. We help clients’ to update the content on their site regularly and help them change and improve the HTML on their Web pages.

Our SEO specializations

We offer specialized SEO services for the following types of websites:

  • Websites based on single product
  • Travel agency websites, also includes hotel and resort and ticketing
  • E-commerce websites for trading
  • Websites for manufacturer
  • Website for exporter houses
  • Business directories
  • Websites for social and community networking
  • Real estate oriented websites
  • Websites to highlight medical services/equipment